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What Can I DO?

Catholic Complacency exists because it’s been allowed to; perhaps even cultivated by those entrusted with helping us gain our salvation. 

Great leadership combats Complacency!   So, what can ordinary good lay people do?  Click here for a short list for your consideration.





Many of us here at 4CToday are followers of Church Militant TV, and Executive Producer Michael Voris’ “The Vortex”.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with “The Vortex”, Michael produces a daily video covering, or perhaps, uncovering, some of the problems facing the Catholic Church.  He targets the liberal progressive Church leadership and clearly documents how these leaders are essentially working to destroy the truths and beauty of the Catholic religion.  We highly recommend you become a Church Militant TV follower. * (see disclaimer below)



 Several recent Vortex presentations warrant your attention and our recognition and comments.  These videos underscore and enforce 4CToday objectives. Specifically, the ones on June 27, July 9, July 17, 2013



 In the June 27th episode, titled “Les Miserables” Michael Voris points out the suffering that good priests endure, at the hands of their bishops and some peers, for defending and preaching authentic Catholicism. He quotes an anonymous priest who told Michael that “if the truths of the faith were to be preached…the medicine would kill the dog.”  Don’t rock the boat; do not threaten the cash cow of the collection plate.  Many parishes and dioceses seem to be run under this axiom.  Rather than follow Jesus’ command to Francis, “rebuild my church”, many parishes and dioceses exist only to, as a priest once personally told me, “maintain fair balance between all God’s children”.  In other words speak not the truth for fear of offending someone.



 Michael Voris concludes his “Les Miserables” episode by pointing out that clergy are bound by the vow of obedience to their bishop.  They must become silent when commanded to do so, or relocated to minimize their impact.  We laity make no such vow.  In fact, we have an obligation and the right to expect that we be told God’s Truth as the means toward our salvation. 4CToday is dedicated to speaking out in search of the truth.



 The July 9th Vortex titled, “Leave the Church of Nice”, goes on to identify the characteristics of a “God Is Love” church.  The “Church of Nice” substitutes Knowledge (Truths) with Feelings (Love).  Michael also lists a series of questions which challenge our faith knowledge.  Not having the right answers implies that we haven’t been taught those answers (Truths) from our parish.  (My comment: But don’t become too worried; we can still learn those answers with the right instruction. Church Militant TV has an arsenal of resources to help us. There are countless others.)  The philosophy of the “Church of Nice” has led to diminished Catholic population and the closing of thousands of parishes.  



 In the July 17th episode titled “Drawing the Curtain”, Michael, in a letter to Bishop Athanasius Schneider, addresses projected Catholic population in the next 15-20 years.  It is frightening!  Please listen to the evidence presented in this episode.  One of Michael’s statements is worth quoting here:  “The Church is imploding in the United States and it is due ultimately to a lack of faithfulness on the part of many leaders.” He concludes with this statement: “ The Church is being killed in the United States and either you are on board with coming to Her assistance—or get out of the way and let those who are get to work.”  These are strong words, and the strong feelings of 4CToday.  This is why we exist.  Reversing the on-going implosion won’t be done through a website, a newsletter, a magazine or a TV program.  These are only instruments of education, but should also be calls to action; action that must be taken by concerned Catholics.   



 In  July 2013, a well-known radio personality raised this question, “Who is God?”  A (planted) reply from someone on his staff is/was “God is Love”.  Acknowledging that to be a widely-held view, he then asked “What is the essence of God?  The ultimate answer was “God is Truth”! 



 It is possible that a parish/diocese could preach both…although very unlikely.  Usually “God is Love” is preached; rarely is “God is Truth” preached.  Which parish do you belong to?



 Will you make a commitment to make a difference and become an active 4CToday force in your parish?



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