Core Mission

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Core Mission


The “Problem”


We believe that the lack of a Respect For Life is the principle factor undermining the moral fabric of our country and society in the early twenty-first century. The issue of Right to Life is the most basic Human Right. It is violated in several ways, including Abortion and Euthanasia. The assaults on the unborn are universally known; over 50 million babies have been aborted since 1973. A "culture of death" has overtaken our society. As Catholics, we have a moral responsibility to stand up against it; to defend Life. Our Catholic faith accepts and embraces this challenge.


Why? Simply because our religion provides the basis for our moral beliefs. The Fifth Commandment, "Thou Shalt Not Kill" was given to Moses by God Himself as described in the Old Testament. In the widely recognized verse "Before I formed you in the womb .... " (Jer1:5) God tells Jeremiah that he was set apart before he was born. Similar verses in Psalms, PS139:13-16 PS22:10-11, for example, acknowledge Life in the Womb; Life created by God. In the New Testament (Luke 31:-44) Elizabeth proclaims that "the baby leaped in my womb for joy" upon
hearing Mary's voice.


Science attempts to answer the question: “When does life begin?”  It is the current state of medical technology itself that limits its ability to precisely answer that question.  For example, a generation ago, fetus viability outside the womb was at about 28 weeks; today it is around 24 weeks.  Some scientific studies today place the answer to the question at 14 days, the time where twins are generally formed; where unique creatures are formed. One thing is for certain; science has, over the past century, moved the answer of when life begins closer to the moment of conception. No study has ever proven it does not begin then. This this why a faith-based position must be assumed.


For Catholics, The Catechism of the Catholic Church codifies scripture and Tradition (capital “T”) into a single reference manual for moral living. For example, Church teaching against Abortion is clearly stated in paragraphs 2270-2275, with scripture authority and Church Tradition clearly referenced. Likewise, paragraphs 2276-2279 address the issue of Euthanasia and the reason why it is morally unacceptable; an intrinsic evil.


Embryonic Stem Cell Research and Human Cloning similarly attack Life itself.



4CToday will focus its prayers and efforts against these intrinsic evils.


Our goal is to stir Catholic Faith beliefs and generate an outcry against these Evils; ABORTION, first and foremost.


The real problems, Apathy and Complacency. ... lack of interest, and satisfaction with the status quo, permit these evils to exist.  Catholics are not motivated to right abortion for many reasons, but one reason is that they don't feel abortion is an issue that impacts their daily lives. Most don't favor abortion. They've rationalized it as a legitimate, although unfortunate, consequence of a woman's choice. Certainly not a choice they would make, but they profess to respect of the choice of the woman. Apathy and complacency ignore the right of the baby, to life. People are consumed with the more pressing and urgent issues of their daily lives. Paying bills, raising children, dealing with job and relationship stresses, etc. are real. These are the concrete tangible issues of life. The more cerebral issues like abortion, euthanasia etc. are, to them, theoretical. In some ways these are like religion, based in beliefs and opinions, but for most, not issues dealt with personally. Catholics go to church. They say that they do so because "religion is important to me". They believe in God. They believe He is important in their lives; He is a source of the strength they need to cope. They give Him thanks for the blessings they've received and ask for continued blessings. Abortion is legal. They are content.


Educating people to the "facts" of abortion is a required first step. By itself however, education rarely moves people to action. Action is stimulated from the heart; from a desire to do something; to cause change. As Catholics, we should expect that the stimulus be scripture-based Catechism, delivered to us from our clergy/pastors. And, to be sure, this is the case in many parishes in every diocese, in every state. It is probable, however, that this number represents a minority of the clergy. We continue to experience the Culture of Death in our society because people haven't been motivated to ACT to end it; motivated by old fashion "hell & brimstone" preaching.


It is our goal to have the Bishops stir peoples' religious foundations and move them to action stimulated by a change of heart. Until our Bishops lead our clergy, and the clergy lead the people, abortion will continue to be rampant. Until Apathy and Complacency are defeated, the Culture of Death will continue.


We believe the avenue to changing hearts begins at the USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops). But even within the USCCB there appear to be elements of Apathy and Complacency. While many people were quick to point out, with pride, that one-third of the US Bishops spoke up during the November 2008 elections against the intrinsic evils which characterize the Culture of Death, two-thirds remained silent! The result was that over 54% of voting Catholics empowered a strong pro-abortion candidate to the presidency. Imagine what the outcome could have been if the other 2/3 of the Bishops had been vocal in the election.


Catholic legislators are promoting anti-life and anti-Catholic principles while receiving the Eucharist sacrilegiously!  While we would hope that the bishops of these legislators have admonished them privately, we believe that public
condemnation is also appropriate. If for no other reason, Catholics NEED to Hear their Bishops, and See them LEADING! It is the Bishops who must lead the attack against prevalent apathy and complacency.


Pro-Choice Catholics make their views on abortion known both publicly and privately. "Pro-Choice Catholic" is an oxymoron! And not openly challenged by our Church Leaders. Counterfeit Catholics are permitted to receive the Eucharist while participating in the holiest of prayers, The Mass. Some Catholic clergy further disrespect the Eucharist by permitting its reception by non-Catholics. No wonder Abortion continues as the poster child of the Culture of Death.



The passage of the 2010 Health Care Bill was due in large part to the 127 (out 136) Catholic US House members who voted for the abortion funding bill. Why would these Catholic politicians do so? A suggested answer is that they knew they could ... they knew there would be no repercussion from their local bishops; no one to tug at their consciences; no public admonishment for their public heretical behavior.


The Resources


The USCCB does a splendid job of communicating, in writing, the church's positions on political matters. Most Catholics, and for that matter, many Americans, are aware of Church teaching, if even at the highest level. USCCB letters to the President and Congressional leadership place Catholic principles in public view for all to see. It is an important first step. But these single letters have been basically ignored by the politicians. The USCCB is viewed as just one group, expressing one view point.

While the written text expertly states the issue, it must be re-enforced locally, vocally, and publicly demonstrated. To be sure, more Bis
hops have recently become more vocal in defense of Life Issues. Their opposition to federally subsidized Abortion, is being reported in print and internet "'News". These good men are recognized because they've become the news ... (News defined as an event which is the exception to the rule, ie. "Man Bites Dog".) 4CToday intends to further recognize them and publicly Thank Them! for speaking the Truth. They need to be re-energized and encouraged to continue the “good fight'. This is the Mission of 4CToday! The bishops are the ones who must lead the clergy of their diocese; to encourage the clergy to also exhibit the passion for the Truths of the Catechism to their parishioners. The actions of these bishops are needed if we are to return our society to one of a Culture of Life, rather than the Culture of Death. To be sure, they are in the minority. For whatever reasons, the majority of Bishops remain silent, or minimally, "passive". The "good men" will also be encouraged to engage their
passive counterparts to join in publicly fighting the Culture of Death. One-by-one, diocese-by-diocese, parish-by-parish
, the battle can be won!



The Strategy


4CToday is a grass-roots Pro Life Organization dedicated to encouraging Bishop(s) to defend the Catholic faith by speaking out against the Culture of Death, and to encourage their peers and clergy to do the same.


4CToday is internet based. Unlike most Pro Life websites which primarily report  the news, 4CToday will focus on calling the laity to action; actions intended for improving Catholic leadership. It will partner with other like-minded Catholic internet organizations to address the institutional Leadership Crisis. While Catholic, we may selectively partner with non-Catholic pro life groups on matters that will address and meet 4CToday objectives. All partners
will be screened to ensure their authoritative credent
ials. Cross links between these organizations will serve to spread the 4CToday agenda.


Primary Tactics


4CToday efforts will focus on four primary tactics to stimulate improved Leadership


  •  Prayer and Adoration

All "good" efforts begin with prayer. 4CToday will identify and promote both private prayers and public prayer/worship events and groups which promote the Life causes. It may also define such events on its own. More specifically, we will identify and promote those prayer activities which seek to increase the wisdom and strength of our bishops and clergy. These prayers will be the core prayers of our effort.


4CToday further believes that a most effective method of prayer is Adoration of the Eucharist, both publicly and privately. Adoring and revering our Christ in His Sacrament is, outside of the Mass itself, the most Catholic expression of our faith. If we are to truly follow Jesus in our faith, and in our works, we must become as close to Him as possible. Where and How better than in Adoration!

  • Praise and Persuade

4CToday, through its web site, will recognize Bishops, clergy, and occasionally Lay leaders, for their contributions on behalf of the Cause of Life. Letters may be sent to these Catholic Life Leaders, Thanking them for their efforts and, perhaps, soliciting further action that current events may dictate. Additionally, 4CToday will provide means and suggestions for the laity in their dioceses to communicate with their bishops via letter, fax and telephone on "Life" issues. The purpose of these efforts will be to stimulate Catholic Bishops’ leadership. This tactic will be the primary tool in meeting 4CToday objectives.

  • Local Initiatives

A portion of the 4CToday website will be devoted to stimulating the parish laity to develop dialog with their local pastors on Pro Life matters. The goal of these efforts is to increase the level of 'pulpit' activities of the parish clergy on Life matters. A likely target for these initiatives may be the local Pro Life ministries.

  • Last Resort

Unfortunately, not all Bishops and Priests will embrace and display Champion of Life qualities.   4CToday pledges to assist local chapters in developing auxiliary tactics to address those situations.  The goal will be to minimize non-Champion type qualities so as to promote as strong a Pro Life environment in the diocese/parish as possible.