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Connecting the Dots


“Connect-the-dots” is a tagline used to explain the joining of scripture based homilies to one or more Catholic Catechism elements in an environment which recognizes the unique beauty of Catholicism.    The phrase is intended as a way (but certainly not the only way) to draw attention to fact that   Catholicism is the one true Church founded by Jesus Christ Himself.  One should understand two basic premises in order to accept the legitimacy of “connecting the dots”.

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Editorial Opinions


 November 9,2013

The below website is from Crisis Magazine and wxresses our opinions about Complacent Catholicism.

January 31, 2012          


4CToday applauds the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops  (USCCB) and its leader, Cardinal Designate Dolan, for their bold stand against the HHS Mandate For Contraception/Sterilization Coverage.  We further recognize the many Bishops and Archbishops who addressed, with similar boldness and courage, their diocesan parishes this past week, rallying Catholics to stand up, fight, and defend our constitutional right of religious conscience.  They are true “Champions of Life”.


The USCCB website, www.USCCB.org  provides a full explanation of the mandate and outlines the steps that the Church is taking to address this issue.  Please visit the USCCB website for more information.  As faithful Catholics we have a moral responsibility, and duty, to support our Church leaders.


Religious freedom in our nation is being attacked.  People of God are being persecuted. It is 4CToday’s prayer that our Bishops and Priests be blessed with Wisdom and Courage to boldly profess the catechism of our faith and stand in defense of a Culture of Life in our country.  We thank them for the courage they display today and pray that they will be embolden by their actions, and the Holy Spirit, to assert their ‘Champions of Life’ leadership qualities on many other issues against the Culture of Death.   When they lead, we will follow.