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Connecting the Dots


“Connect-the-dots” is a tagline used to explain the joining of scripture based homilies
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What Can I DO?

Catholic Complacency exists because it’s been allowed to; perhaps even cultivated by those entrusted with helping us gain our salvation. 

Great leadership combats Complacency!   So, what can ordinary good lay people do?  Click here for a short list for your consideration.


4CToday is pleased to recognize the following organizations* with whom we share so many Catholic values.  Please visit them regularly to enhance your 4CToday experience. Consider supporting them, as well as 4CToday, with your donations.


  • Learn more about your faith and the current state of the Church from Michael Voris at The Vortex,

  • Find current articles about clergy who boldly proclaim the teachings of Holy Mother Church at  Courageous Priest,

  • Another well-known  website which serves as a voice of the faithful laity, encourages the laity to share concerns, praise, opinions and thoughts, and much more is PewSitter,

  • Catholic Current is a website authored by Deacon Dan Gannon from Northwest Wisconsin. This site not only addresses current events, but also on the movement, direction, or “culture” of the Church.


      * Disclaimer: 4CToday receives no monetary compensation in exchange for these endorsements.