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What Can I DO?

Catholic Complacency exists because it’s been allowed to; perhaps even cultivated by those entrusted with helping us gain our salvation. 

Great leadership combats Complacency!   So, what can ordinary good lay people do?  Click here for a short list for your consideration.



By now you understand that 4CToday recognizes that the restoration of a Culture of Life in our country rests heavily on the Catholic Church. It is the responsibility of our leaders, our priests and deacons under the direct leadership of their Bishops, to inspire and direct us, the laity, in that restoration. Unfortunately, only a small number of our Bishops are providing the leadership we desperately need.


4CToday seeks to more directly address this issue at the parish level. It is our belief that Catholic Complacency is the result of poor catechesis. Many church attending Catholics don't know their faith ... others have left because of they don't. We believe that if the beauty of the Catholic faith was more boldly and frequently pronounced, a genuine pride in being Catholic would emerge. That pride would broadcast, in real terms, to others who have left the Church. This, in turn, would cause more people to attend (Sunday} mass and get back to the sacraments ... Jesus' gift to his followers.


So how does this happen? We believe there is a first step solution ... simply connecting the scripture readings of the day to a Catholic doctrine or element. Most homilies are very good "Christian" homilies, but not connected to Catholicism. By "connecting the dots', homilists would have to use the word "Catholic", a word seldom used in homilies. Church goers would, over time, acquire an appreciation of and pride in their faith. The word will spread (The Holy Spirit will take care of that); Church attendance will increase.


Pope Benedict XVI told the Bishops of the United States (on 11/26/2011) 'not to lose your public voice' and that "We ourselves are the first to need re-evangelization." As Catholics we have a right, and the need, to experience that re-evangelization.


You can be a part of the effort to positively influence and encourage your parish priest(s) and deacon(s). We'll explain how. We will provide or suggest the right resources to help you be the one to lead the re-evangelization in your parish. If you think you may want to be part of our effort, pray for guidance. If you know you want to join with us, please contact us by email at volunteers@4CToday.org.


Provide us your name, phone number, parish name and diocese. We'll get back to you with information on how to establish 4C in your diocese, Today!


As Edmund Burke has said:


          "Nothing is so fatal to religion as Indifference.”




          “The only thing necessary for Evil to succeed is for Good Men to do Nothing"


God Bless!


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